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AluCraft Open Cell Ceiling

By definition, an open cell ceiling system is one in which a repeating pattern of “cube” shapes appear unbroken by any suspension components so the finished ceiling will look much like a perfect waffle in appearance.   When it comes to the size of the cell panel created by a particular system, bigger is better. A system that Accommodates a 2' x 4' cell panel will probably save more in time, labor, and material costs than one which requires a 2' x 2' cell panel. Cell panels are offered both assembled and unassembled. Unassembled panels take time to assemble, while factory preassembled panels usually, though not always, require an up charge. It pays   to shop. Look at the locking systems by which the open cell panel is secured to the suspension components. Some Open cell systems do not feature any locking mechanism. Although this is convenient, the panels may shift and   throw the open cell design out of square. Other systems have locking tabs to secure the panels, and in a   System of this type it’s a sound idea. Some systems have locking tabs on all four sides. Others have locking tabs   on two sides which may be a little easier to secure the panel, while others feature sliding tabs which are Sometimes difficult for the mechanic to access.

Tricell is a decorative open cell ceiling, for airflow and smoke extraction applications.. The metal ceiling system comprises a series of open cell modules designed to lay onto a suspension grid. The ceiling tiles can integrate within other metal ceiling systems and plasterboard ceilings. Our open cell ceiling systems are ideal for retail, transport or leisure applications with high human traffic flow. Rapid and safe smoke extraction is critical in such environments